Risk management

It\'s 3 hours later than the bording time which I should be on, I am still stocking in the HK airport, waiting for a chance to get on the next flight to Taipei, there are still 15 people in font of me, and the airline counter told us that all the flight are fully booked, cause a lot of Taiwanese workers in Mainland China need to go back to Taiwan while the \”Golden vacation\” period in China.

We were plan to arrived SH airport at 6:30 AM and take 8:00 AM flight to HK then to Taipei, but how can we know that a normal 40 minutes drive take us for over 2 hours to get SH airport ?
Why ? Cause some car akcident happend on the route and they shut off the Highway, GZ.

Anyway, this issue reminds me that risk management is really important, and I should take some prevention for my business.


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