MobileMe 如何做備忘錄的同步?

有了mobileme跟iPhone4 之後,當然後想要讓iphone4能夠直接同步你macbook的備忘錄。


首先你得先設置 mail 帳號,加入你的mobileme帳號吧(雖然你並不一定準備使用 的郵件),然後在看一下以下這段文章

Launch the Mail app, choose Preferences from the Mail menu, and click the Composing tab. In the Addressing area you’ll see the Create Notes and To Dos In entry. From the pop-up menu select your MobileMe account. Close the Preferences window. Now, click the triangle next to the Notes entry in Mail’s Mailboxes column and select On My Mac. Select any notes that you’d like to sync with your MobileMe account and drag them onto the MobileMe entry.


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